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A good way to start….

This is it I am officially a newbie within the crazy world of blogging! And to be honest I have put off trying for quite a long time for fear that I really have nothing interesting or worthwhile to write about. Looking back in my teenage years I used to write A LOT and EVERY DAY in those crazy journals of mine! So why not have the courage to do so again!? I certainly have nothing to loose by slowly waking up that creative medium within me that has been in deep slumber for a quite while now. Perhaps who knows, this might be a start of something good…

So what to expect from “Style Your Heart Out”  (Golly! I absolutely love the sound of that!).

I suppose, when I was thinking of what to call my blog, I was thinking of the things that I love and enjoy the most:

  • Starting with my family and home and all the joyous, crazy stuff that come with it….
  • Healthy and happy heart…
  • Friends….
  • And last but not least….I JUST REALLY REALLY WANT TO BE CREATIVE AGAIN and to enable myself to gather all those ideas that have been swirling in my head and finally make use of it.

I doubt that this blog will be a literary feat however, I do want to be able to exchange and share ideas with friends and strangers alike. I want it to be light-hearted, fun and relatable. I want it to be me.

Puh! Now it is all out and there is no turning back.

I am determined to “Style my heart out”, my small contribution for a happy heart, happy home, happy life.

Wish me luck 🙂



2 thoughts on “A good way to start….

    1. Thanks, glad you found my blog and that we are on the same boat in turning our houses to homes! I wish you luck as well with your projects! A big hello from England xxx

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