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We bought a house!

Finally, finally, after years of praying, hoping, hard-work, patience, tight budgeting and support from family members Chris and I are able to buy our very first house. Yey! We received our keys yesterday and we are super excited about it and at the same time nervous about the responsibilities and expenses that come along with being a homeowner. yikes!

It’s been a long journey getting there and definitely not an easy venture, especially nowadays when everything around the world is so uncertain and the house prices keep on fluctuating depending on the economic and political atmosphere. And believe me, we had our fair share of warnings and caution from families and people around us, especially now that Brexit is happening.

But I am glad that Chris and I decided to just grab the bull by its horns and not let negativity prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams. I feel that my little family has reached an important milestone and both Chris and I feel very blessed and humbled by this opportunity and experience.

There has been a lot of learning curve and compromises, but it is so worth it and this is definitely still not the end.

Now many of you might already know average houses here in England have much smaller floor space in compare to other European countries or the US unless you came to an inheritance or have tons of money to spend and can afford to buy massive suburban detached houses like those ones designers would blog about and pin on pinterest…..or those exquisite English country manor houses….(ahhh I wish…) how I hate to break it to you but this is only reality to the privileged few….(and do correct me if I am wrong)

So the house we bought is a 1970s three-bed terraced house within the suburbs of Bristol. It is a bit rough around the edges and outdated at the moment but it comes with a garage and a  little garden. I am sure with a little love and care we will make it  home.

So here it goes:

The front of the house: We will definitely replace all door and windows!

34 hardwick front

Floorplan: I absolutely love the fact that the living and dining areas are already open planned. My brilliant husband came up with the idea of bricking up the door heading to the kitchen from the hallway and make an opening on the wall between the kitchen and the dining area instead. Yey! Bring on more open space and natural light into the house.


The living and dining area: All flooring in the house will be replaced with laminate flooring. I can’t wait to not have carpets anymore. I can never understand why people would use carpets. It’s just breeding ground for dirt and dust mites!

The back garden:

34 hardwick garden

That’s that for now about the house we purchased. However, I cannot and will not end this blog post without mentioning how grateful we are for those people especially family members who helped, encouraged and supported us (and are still doing so) along the way. To those special people, we love you and we are forever grateful.

My little munchkin making himself comfy already….so this is definitely a good start. 🙂



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