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Interiors and Mood boards

Heeeello sunshine! The weatherman is quite generous with Bristol today. The city is actually basking under the heat of the sun. When the sun is out the world is such a different place, a better place so it seems….On my way to work this morning everyone that I walked passed were so friendly and smiley and even took the time to say “good morning”. As they say a simple smile and a friendly hello goes a long way….

On that note because I feel happy, this is the perfect opportunity to write about styles, lovely colours and mood boards.

Let us start with Pinterest….

I love Pinterest!! It’s the absolute heaven for collecting, organising and sharing different ideas no matter how outlandish they may be….and yes it works perfectly for me as it is currently my go to website to collate creative interior design and ideas which I can hopefully turn into reality within the humble walls of the house we have recently purchased.

The only downside and dilemma I have is that everytime I discover, “like” and “pin” a picture perfect styled space on pinterest, I can’t help but wonder: “HOW IN THE WORLD WILL I BE ABLE TO TRANSLATE THIS PARTICULAR STYLE IN MY OWN HOME? (….Heck I am just a mere mortal! Ha!) Also thoughts about the room size, budget, etc….come flooding in and it can be overwhelming! Also let’s be honest it’s not just the style and aesthetics I need to worry about, I need to think about functionality and comfort, BUDGET and how well everything will keep especially when having a little cheeky boy running riot in the house. (Ok, ok he is not that crazy…Just a typical little 🐒)

So within the design concept I need to somehow “MASH UP” Family – Functionality – Comfort and Style althogether.

Now how do I define and sum up my style?:

I do not want it too minimalist or streamlined, nor too boho or too shabby chicy ( I don’t really want to follow just one particular style trend)

Hmmm…I suppose I would say “Classic Contemporary” with a bit of “Scandi”, a dash of “Glam” and “Country beach house” elements to it. (Gah! that sounds intense – yup I have just mutated into an interior design nerd…After reading tons of design books and even going so far as to asking Chris to teach me how to use the AutoCAD…Which was a major fail as I simply cannot get into his structural engineering brain 😫)

I would like the house to be BRIGHT, CLEAN and COLLECTED! I would like it to be beautiful and yet approachable.

Let’s start with the colour palettes I have chosen. I absolutely adore BLUE and hues of blue! Back drop will always be neutral colours such as white, off-white and grey, with pops of colours as seen below. And I am in love with little bits of gold accents too 🙂 (ahhhh blues and golds go so well together. Of course it will be done in a very subtle and classy way) And to ground everything warm wood might also be a good idea (…Think: drift woods and wooden trays…)

And here goes my first try on digital mood boards….








What do you guys think? Do those mood boards translate the style I have described earlier? Which room is your favourite? Which one needs improvement? So dear friends do help me out, I am more than open for new ideas and suggestions.


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