House remodel

Knock ’em down baby!

So over the weekend my husband and father-in-law rolled up their sleeves not just to show off their muscle power but to actually do some serious hardwork. We have a deadline of only just two weeks for all the “dirty work”, meaning: knocking down and bricking up walls, plastering, painting, electrical rewiring, plumbing, boiler replacement and finally window and door replacement to be done and out of the way before we move in. The official “BIG MOVE” date is on the 21st and the 22nd of April so we have a MAMMOTH TASK ahead of us!!! And I seriously cannot sleep at night anymore because my brain won’t shut down trying to figure out how we can organise ourselves effectively! 😲 Christopher and I agreed from the start though that he will be in charge of the remodel and I will be in charge of packing up and getting things ready for the move (not exactly the most exciting bit in my opinion! 😒)

Anyhow the two clever men cleared out the kitchen of old kitchen cupboards and nasty blue and white tiles, put the props up for support, installed the lintel and finally knocked down the wall for the new kitchen opening! (And yes Christopher is looking quite happy! 😊)

Fun bit: Christopher made me jump upstairs just above where the lintel was installed to ensure nothing will collapse! Ha! Thank goodness nothing collapsed! 😉

Here are the before and after pictures:

Slowly but surely the room layout that Chris and I have envisioned is finally taking shape….Oooohhh this is so exciting! 😆

Also hats off and thanks to all the hard work of Christopher and Chas, this is all progressing so well.

Joseph is quite excited too!


So what’s outstanding this week….Bricking up walls, electrical rewiring, plumbing, new boiler install and ordering our IKEA kitchen (which we got to design ourselves)! Wish us luck! And I will definitely try to ignore all the rubble and dust…😌


2 thoughts on “Knock ’em down baby!

  1. This is so exciting! It’s so cool that Chris and his father know how to do this kind of stuff by themselves. I can’t wait to see the finished house!

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    1. Yes, we are definitely quite lucky that they both got handyman skills. Chris’ dad is a general builder so he passed on his skills to his boys. Chris being a structural engineer needs to know his stuff as well. It helps quite a lot especially with saving up cost and keeping within the budget 😋 Can’t wait for the final look and styling too. As with that it will be my call 😉


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