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Never ending construction site and time is against us…

Last Saturday my husband and father-in-law met up again to do further work in the house and also to inspect how things are progressing with electrical re-wirings, plumbing and new boiler install. Well what can I say the place is officially a construction site and we are moving by the end of this week! And yes I am panicking! 😱 The carpets have been partly pulled out so that the boiler guy could install the new radiators and the walls are partly bare as the electricians had to chase the electrical wirings all over the house.

Due to some delays during the house purchase process it is now definite that my family and I will be moving to a construction site. I suppose we just need to ensure as much as we can that the house will be clean and safe enough, that the electrics are working and no wirings hanging out and finally that there will be running water…..I’m sure with the rest we will be able to deal with (…I hope..😵)

New boiler installed and electrical wirings for switches and sockets in place:

Chris and his dad also bricked up the kitchen door leading to the garden to turn it into a standard window and the same was done to the front window of the living area:

My man hard at work. As you can see there’s no way we can temporarily use the existing carpet, it’s completely and utterly ruined!:


On a positive note my boys and I went to B&Q (local DIY shop) today to choose the paint colour and laminate flooring we will be applying/installing all over the house. As already mentioned in my previous post we will keep the walls white and neutral to ensure the rooms will be light and airy.

Here’s the white tone I have chosen:

Farrow & Ball – Wimborne White

No, we will not be using Farrow and Ball. As it’s designer paint, they’re freakishly expensive! 😵. We are going go for a much cheaper alternative of Valspar paint. The B&Q paint consultant advised us to choose a colour from the F&B colour palette and they can mix/create the same colour with Valspar paint.

Here’s the laminate floor we have chosen and luckily it is currently on a spring deal at B&Q – Ostend Oxford Oak Effect Laminate Flooring


There’s still lots to do, any suggestions how to keep my head cool and and my nerves calm!? 🤗


One thought on “Never ending construction site and time is against us…

  1. Sooooo pretty! Keep focused on the vision in your head. And when it all gets too crazy, watch your baby while he’s sleeping. It’s so creepy that we mothers do that, but it’s really so calming and peaceful. 😉

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