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Delight! It’s all slowly coming together!

It has been two weeks since my last post and it is definitely time for an update​.

Juggling parenthood, work, house remodel and trying to keep familiar routines especially for my three-year-old son whilst temporarily living in my mother-in-law’s home can be somewhat challenging, hence the delay of this blog post.  Despite​ busy schedules I am so grateful I get to write, every time I do, I get a sense of freedom and a bigger appreciation to the works my husband and I (especially that of my husband) have achieved in making our house to a home we want it to be.

So here’s what we have done these past two weeks:

1. Flooring:

After we have finished painting the living, dining and kitchen areas we moved on to cleaning and prepping the floorboards to finally lay the laminate flooring. Chris and I chose the flooring together which we bought from B&Q at a very good price. Yey! we absolutely love the “oak effect”!

Here’s Christopher laying the underlay and then his dad came along to help. I love their picture together, it perfectly captured their “father and son bonding moment” 😊

Here’s the before and after (excuse the mess! 😲):

2. Kitchen install:

Now this one was a bit more complicated and you think installing an IKEA kitchen would be easy peesy right!? Heck NO! Ensuring everything is level and even was definitely not an easy feat! I don’t even want to dare count the amount of times Christopher and his dad had to re-adjust the cabinets and cupboards to ensure that they were perfectly aligned and level from each other.

The worktop is a whole different story. Luckily Chris’ sister’s boyfriend is a carpenter, who kindly came to the rescue at such short notice! He brought his expertise and the right tools and voila we got our perfect kitchen worktop! 😆 (Thank you so much Jake!)

Here’s the kitchen as it looks at the moment, the side panels, trim mouldings and the rest of the doors and hardware still need to be added to give it’s final look and finish:

Ahhhhhhh! I have a feeling it’s going to be beautiful! And hats off to my husband who has done most of the work! He’s been working so hard to make everything perfect. Bless his socks! Ha! 😘

So this week the built-in appliances will be wired in and the washer/dryer and sink will be plumbed in. Exciting times!

Until next time y’all 😘


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