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Small details matter…

When we purchased our house and started this remodel/update project, Christopher promised that he will ensure that we finish and decorate each rooms and make sure they are presented nicely. And he is true to his words and quite a perfectionist too even down to the absolute smallest of details. But of course even those little things take time to install and sometimes they take the longest (and yes I do get really impatient as I just want it all to finish 😡). These past two weeks we decided to focus on installing and fitting those little details.

1. Adding Scotia trims to the skirting boards

Again we made are usual trip to our local DIY shop and purchased primed white Scotia trims to cover the gaps between the laminate flooring and the existing skirting boards. I think with the Scotia trims you can either choose and match it with the colour of your flooring or that of your skirting boards. We chose to match it with our white painted skirting boards as they are quite small and plain and the Scotia trim gives it a more polished look.

Before cutting them to size I first painted them white, and as soon as the paint dried, Chris cut the trim to the right sizes and finally fitted them using “no nails” glue.

Pictures below, with and without the Scotia trim (sorry for the bad photograph):

2. Lighting install

When the electricians did the electrical re-wirings they just installed standard, plain, boring pendant lightings for the living areas except for the kitchen and bathroom where we had spotlights installed. The pendant lightings definitely did not flatter the living/dining room 😲 and I was just keen to have them replaced ASAP. It was not easy to choose the right lighting, as yes the space is open plan but it it is not necessarily the biggest of rooms where you can just install grand statement chandeliers/lightings like what you see they do in Pinterest. It needs to be the type of lighting that can balance and pull the room together

In the end I decided to go with this (and Christopher did not disagree! Yey! πŸ˜†):

A 3 lamp spotlight in soft matt white finish and satin brushed gold fixtures…

…and I love it! 😊 The matt white colour blend perfectly in our living/dining area, but the satin brush gold finish detail gives it a little twist so it’s not just your average white spotlights.

3. Adding decorative kitchen plinths and panels

The kitchen​ took us the longest to install and we are not fully finished yet….ahhhhhhh it is just never ending. Thank goodness when Chris was about to Β install the decorative plinths and panels his dad once again came to the rescue! So the install went much quicker thanks to the know how and carpentry skills of my father-in-law.

Here’s how the kitchen looks at the moment. We still need to cover the pipes underneath the boiler and tile the kitchen walls with white subway tiles. So this is unfortunately not the final look yet….. πŸ˜’ But we will get there somehow, for sure.

Christopher’s dad also bricked up the outside walls underneath our living room and kitchen windows. He also added steps to the front and back doors! He’s an absolute superstar! πŸ˜†πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

Spot the difference!?


Back: (sorry couldn’t find a before picture of the back of house without Joseph πŸ˜„, he is cute though!)

There’s more work to tackle but we will prevail! Ha!😝



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