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Which one, which one? Major RUG distress!

Now that we have finished decorating the living areas down stairs, it is time to design and accessorise! WOAHO!!! Exciting times! (I am so excited and I just can’t hide it! lalalala! )

In order for a room to have that “WOW” effect, you need to have a focal point right!? And you can use that focal point in working your way around accessorising and decorating your room. As we do not have a focal wall I have decided to place the focal point on the floor to anchor everything together. That’s when the big “RUG” comes in. Choosing the right rug is not easy, it is either you “make it” or “break it”. Plus I do not want to get this wrong as rugs can be ridiculously expensive.

As I can’t quite decide which pattern I like the most, YOU my dear readers might be able to help me out.

Below are mood boards I have created depicting how the rug will look like with pieces of furniture we have at home.

Rug A:




Rug B:




Rug C:




Rug D:




Rug E:




Let me know your thoughts, ideas and opinion!

The rug I will choose will of course be featured in a special “ROOM REVEAL” blog post.

So help me out dear friends by commenting down below. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Which one, which one? Major RUG distress!

  1. So many opinions on your link on facebook!! All these combinations are beautiful. For me it would be between option A and E. I would choose the option E if you think that the room needs more light. But if there’s enough natural light coming in throughout the day I think I would pick the first rug. The straight lines in the pattern and the little bits of gold pull the room together nicely and give it a nice modern vibe.

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