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Room Reveal: Masterbed and an awesome Ikea hack to luxe things up a bit

Drumroll! 3, 2, 1….and here’s yet another room reveal. This time around I find that I am sharing something a bit more personal as it’s the MASTER BEDROOM. I am so pleased and excited about the result so far and hope you will love it too the way I do.

Just a quick reminder of how it used to look like: Talking about neon green galore with that horrible patterned carpet to a more tasteful “Denim Drift Blue” and creams.




And here’s the result so far….




As mentioned before in one of my previous blog post I have been using the colour palette below as my guideline. I also pulled some colour inspiration from the “Gold Birch Trees” painting hanging above the bed which I used for the throw pillows and other brass accessories.




gold birch trees

Top tip: If you are a bit overwhelmed with finding the right colour combination for a room you want to restyle, just pull colours from a picture or painting you would want to incorporate into the room and I can assure you that it is a no-fail solution to your colour scheme dilemma. 🙂

On both sides of the “Gold Birch Trees” painting, as I find currently it looks quite lonely on it’s own, I am planning to hang black and white pictures of my family in A4 format 2 sets on each side to give the room a more personal touch. I just haven’t come around to choosing the right pictures yet (plus I am waiting for baby girl’s arrival so I can add her picture to the set)

The IKEA Brimnes wardrobe hack:

The Master bedroom is not a massive bedroom so Christopher and I had to be clever with where we place our wardrobe and storage within the room. And also the last thing I want to happen is for the room to feel smaller and crowded. At first, Chris and I were thinking of buying the PAX wardrobe system from IKEA, but then we soon realised that those wardrobes are just too deep and wide and it would’ve just drowned the room. So we decided to opt for the much more compact BRIMNES wardrobe in white. It’s the same one as in Joseph’s bedroom:


We bought a 3-door with a mirror and a 2-door and placed them side by side on the right side of the room. I like the wardrobe, although not my first choice they definitely do the job and they’re pretty neutral. However, for my own personal space it disturbed me how they were just kind of “plainish” and boring. One evening whilst browsing through Pinterest I came across a picture of kitchen cupboards with chrome t-bar handles on them. It’s when I had one of those EUREKA moments of changing those “plainish” white handles of the wardrobe into gold/brass effect t-bar ones! And once I did it, it made all the difference. The wardrobes look more glam and pulled together and I also now feel they tie in nicely with the theme of the room! Woaho!



Here are pictures of other accessories I used in the room:

Isn’t this “Brass Capiz Shell” chandelier just gorgeous!? 😋 For those who would like to know, I got it from Dunelm during their last end of season sale!

Capiz Chandelier

I also love the pineapple shaped side table lamps and the lightweight, breezy curtains with it’s subtle grey trellis pattern which romantically frame our bedroom window.


So far this is how the master bedroom looks like. I am quite curious how in time it will change and grow with me a Chris. After all it’s his and my bedroom 😊.

Stay tuned if you are curious how baby girl’s nursery will turn out. Think: blush pink, creams, rose gold, turquoise and peonies! Absolutely girly! 😋 Here’s a little taster:



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Room Reveal: Joseph’s bedroom – “Up, up and away!”

Finally, finally I get to do a room reveal! Yey! After the busy Christmas season and overcoming a sickness / flu bug that my family and I were knocked out with over the month of January this is definitely a well deserved treat.

As you all know we’ve finished decorating the upstairs bedrooms just before Christmas and giving each room that style and personality that one wants always takes time. It changes and somehow evolves organically too.

Remember how it used to look like? From scary orange to sky blue…..

And finally to this “Up, up and away hot air balloon fiesta!”

We are all so pleased with the result and I am especially happy that Joseph actually loves his room.  On top of that we really enjoy spending time in there too as a family.

Now let me tell you how I came up with the theme. As said many times before I want every room in the house to be light and airy. And with Joseph’s bedroom it was clear to me straight away that I want to incorporate the clouds and the sky and hot air balloon elements too it. I want it to be boyish and that the room can grow with him and that most especially we will be able to showcase Joseph’s personality and the  things he likes and enjoy in his very own personal space.

The bed:

We chose the IKEA Hemnes day bed which can be extended to a double bed. It’s absolutely perfect for when we are reading bedtime stories together as a family and also it features a lot of storage space for beddings and bed linens. So it’s definitely a multi-purpose piece of furniture!

Minimalist furniture:

We didn’t necessarily want to purchase nursery furniture for this bedroom as my little man is growing up so quickly. So we decided to get neutral “grown-up” wardrobe and bookcase, both from IKEA. (Brimnes wardrobe with mirror and Expedit bookcase -old). They kept the room somehow neutral and allowed us to display Joseph’s books and Lego collection.

To be honest I was a bit hesitant about having too much toy display because of clutter, but what the heck it’s a kid’s room and it should have colour, fun and clutter.

Finally another super simple feature that I love – Round paper lamp, glow in the dark moon, and stars. (Sorry about the bad picture)


So the ball paper lamp is suppose to represent the sun and when the sun goes down at night time the moon and the stars start to glow. Joseph absolutely loves this!

And in case you wonder where we got the hot air balloon wall stickers – we purchased them from Amazon from a company called “Decowall”. It’s got super good quality and can be easily peeled off without ruining the paint on your wall.

That’s that for now. Let me know what you think of the makeover! I am always open for new ideas and improvements.😉


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An EXCITING announcement and other updates

I know it’s been over 2 months since my last blog update and a  lot of people have been asking why the long halt. Well, my lovelies there’s a good reason for that and we have exciting news! druuuummm roll!

We are delighted to announce that come April 2018 we will no longer be a family of 3, WE WILL BE A FAMILY OF 4! We are super excited especially Joseph who is super eager to be a big brother and we all truly feel very blessed.


Hence I have not been updating my blog as unfortunately with this pregnancy I was having really bad morning sickness which included regular bouts of heartburn and acid reflux…..Absolutely horrid stuff. As soon as I hit my second trimester I got diagnosed with pregnancy induced sciatica which is no fun either. I have been such a hot mess and sometimes I found myself wishing why the heck I am not one of those women who just bloom beautifully during pregnancy. So yeah it has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride trying to save my leftover energy to look after my boy, our home whilst trying to be able to go to work at the same time. But hey, the baby is growing and kicking and that’s the most important thing.

We have not been idle with our house makeover either (well I have, Christopher has been doing most of the manual hard work. – but I am still in charge of Style and Design! ha!)

In my last blog post (Summer’s over and we are back on track with full steam ahead), I mentioned about the work being done in Joseph’s bedroom. As soon as Christopher finished prepping and painting Joseph’s room we moved on to doing up the master bedroom and the third bedroom which will be the nursery.

Master bedroom:

Christopher and I decided that we want a feature wall in our bedroom and we definitely wanted to go bold! And currently, I am such a sucker for blues, specially blue-grey colour hues in combination with whites and dash of pinks. (and add here and there brass and woods).  So when I found out about Dulux’ 2017 colour of the year I felt like the luckiest girl as it is exactly the colour I have been looking for! And I got doubly lucky when Christopher said that he loves the colour too.

Dulux – Denim Drift and some inspiration pictures:




Here’s my lovely husband who unfailingly works so hard to make all my design vision come true. Every time I see how much hard work he is putting into making our house a home I really can’t help but think what I did to deserve such an amazing husband. (ha! sorry cheesy galore alert!)


I also managed to convince Chris to paint our old IKEA Hemnes pine bed in light grey to give it a fresher look and also to match it better with the feature wall. We used Dulux Polished Pebble grey. The grey is so subtle and soft I absolutely love it:



As for the nursery, it has been painted in Dulux Timeless white, the same colour as the living areas downstairs as we currently do not know the gender of the baby. Once we know it will be easy to accessorize and to add some pops of colours into the room.  The 20 weeks scan is this Friday so we can’t wait to find out whether the baby will be a girl or a boy. What do you guys think!? A BOY? or A GIRL?




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Which one, which one? Major RUG distress!

Now that we have finished decorating the living areas down stairs, it is time to design and accessorise! WOAHO!!! Exciting times! (I am so excited and I just can’t hide it! lalalala! )

In order for a room to have that “WOW” effect, you need to have a focal point right!? And you can use that focal point in working your way around accessorising and decorating your room. As we do not have a focal wall I have decided to place the focal point on the floor to anchor everything together. That’s when the big “RUG” comes in. Choosing the right rug is not easy, it is either you “make it” or “break it”. Plus I do not want to get this wrong as rugs can be ridiculously expensive.

As I can’t quite decide which pattern I like the most, YOU my dear readers might be able to help me out.

Below are mood boards I have created depicting how the rug will look like with pieces of furniture we have at home.

Rug A:




Rug B:




Rug C:




Rug D:




Rug E:




Let me know your thoughts, ideas and opinion!

The rug I will choose will of course be featured in a special “ROOM REVEAL” blog post.

So help me out dear friends by commenting down below. 🙂

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Interiors and Mood boards

Heeeello sunshine! The weatherman is quite generous with Bristol today. The city is actually basking under the heat of the sun. When the sun is out the world is such a different place, a better place so it seems….On my way to work this morning everyone that I walked passed were so friendly and smiley and even took the time to say “good morning”. As they say a simple smile and a friendly hello goes a long way….

On that note because I feel happy, this is the perfect opportunity to write about styles, lovely colours and mood boards.

Let us start with Pinterest….

I love Pinterest!! It’s the absolute heaven for collecting, organising and sharing different ideas no matter how outlandish they may be….and yes it works perfectly for me as it is currently my go to website to collate creative interior design and ideas which I can hopefully turn into reality within the humble walls of the house we have recently purchased.

The only downside and dilemma I have is that everytime I discover, “like” and “pin” a picture perfect styled space on pinterest, I can’t help but wonder: “HOW IN THE WORLD WILL I BE ABLE TO TRANSLATE THIS PARTICULAR STYLE IN MY OWN HOME? (….Heck I am just a mere mortal! Ha!) Also thoughts about the room size, budget, etc….come flooding in and it can be overwhelming! Also let’s be honest it’s not just the style and aesthetics I need to worry about, I need to think about functionality and comfort, BUDGET and how well everything will keep especially when having a little cheeky boy running riot in the house. (Ok, ok he is not that crazy…Just a typical little 🐒)

So within the design concept I need to somehow “MASH UP” Family – Functionality – Comfort and Style althogether.

Now how do I define and sum up my style?:

I do not want it too minimalist or streamlined, nor too boho or too shabby chicy ( I don’t really want to follow just one particular style trend)

Hmmm…I suppose I would say “Classic Contemporary” with a bit of “Scandi”, a dash of “Glam” and “Country beach house” elements to it. (Gah! that sounds intense – yup I have just mutated into an interior design nerd…After reading tons of design books and even going so far as to asking Chris to teach me how to use the AutoCAD…Which was a major fail as I simply cannot get into his structural engineering brain 😫)

I would like the house to be BRIGHT, CLEAN and COLLECTED! I would like it to be beautiful and yet approachable.

Let’s start with the colour palettes I have chosen. I absolutely adore BLUE and hues of blue! Back drop will always be neutral colours such as white, off-white and grey, with pops of colours as seen below. And I am in love with little bits of gold accents too 🙂 (ahhhh blues and golds go so well together. Of course it will be done in a very subtle and classy way) And to ground everything warm wood might also be a good idea (…Think: drift woods and wooden trays…)

And here goes my first try on digital mood boards….








What do you guys think? Do those mood boards translate the style I have described earlier? Which room is your favourite? Which one needs improvement? So dear friends do help me out, I am more than open for new ideas and suggestions.