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An EXCITING announcement and other updates

I know it’s been over 2 months since my last blog update and a  lot of people have been asking why the long halt. Well, my lovelies there’s a good reason for that and we have exciting news! druuuummm roll!

We are delighted to announce that come April 2018 we will no longer be a family of 3, WE WILL BE A FAMILY OF 4! We are super excited especially Joseph who is super eager to be a big brother and we all truly feel very blessed.


Hence I have not been updating my blog as unfortunately with this pregnancy I was having really bad morning sickness which included regular bouts of heartburn and acid reflux…..Absolutely horrid stuff. As soon as I hit my second trimester I got diagnosed with pregnancy induced sciatica which is no fun either. I have been such a hot mess and sometimes I found myself wishing why the heck I am not one of those women who just bloom beautifully during pregnancy. So yeah it has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride trying to save my leftover energy to look after my boy, our home whilst trying to be able to go to work at the same time. But hey, the baby is growing and kicking and that’s the most important thing.

We have not been idle with our house makeover either (well I have, Christopher has been doing most of the manual hard work. – but I am still in charge of Style and Design! ha!)

In my last blog post (Summer’s over and we are back on track with full steam ahead), I mentioned about the work being done in Joseph’s bedroom. As soon as Christopher finished prepping and painting Joseph’s room we moved on to doing up the master bedroom and the third bedroom which will be the nursery.

Master bedroom:

Christopher and I decided that we want a feature wall in our bedroom and we definitely wanted to go bold! And currently, I am such a sucker for blues, specially blue-grey colour hues in combination with whites and dash of pinks. (and add here and there brass and woods).  So when I found out about Dulux’ 2017 colour of the year I felt like the luckiest girl as it is exactly the colour I have been looking for! And I got doubly lucky when Christopher said that he loves the colour too.

Dulux – Denim Drift and some inspiration pictures:




Here’s my lovely husband who unfailingly works so hard to make all my design vision come true. Every time I see how much hard work he is putting into making our house a home I really can’t help but think what I did to deserve such an amazing husband. (ha! sorry cheesy galore alert!)


I also managed to convince Chris to paint our old IKEA Hemnes pine bed in light grey to give it a fresher look and also to match it better with the feature wall. We used Dulux Polished Pebble grey. The grey is so subtle and soft I absolutely love it:



As for the nursery, it has been painted in Dulux Timeless white, the same colour as the living areas downstairs as we currently do not know the gender of the baby. Once we know it will be easy to accessorize and to add some pops of colours into the room.  The 20 weeks scan is this Friday so we can’t wait to find out whether the baby will be a girl or a boy. What do you guys think!? A BOY? or A GIRL?




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A baby blessing, a wedding and the cities of my childhood and youth

My family and I are currently visiting my parents in Munich, Germany and how quickly time went by as tomorrow we will be flying back to England again.

Last Sunday my family had the honour to witness and be part of the baby blessing of my nephew Kai Kristian Magpantay. There’s something very special about newborns. They’re such little angels that instantly bring joy into your heart and they smell like heaven too! It was such a wonderful family affair and we feel truly blessed. As me, my siblings and our families are scattered between Germany and the UK, reunions like this only happen once every blue moon and therefore we cherish every moment and memory we make together even more so. Here’s the Magpantay clan to date:


Here’s Joseph with his cousins. It’s such a delight to see that they all play so well together.

My siblings and I on a lunch date with a very good friend in Munich at the rustic elegant “Kuffler Spatenhaus an der Oper” – they serve the very best organic ice cream!


Last Thursday we embarked on a five hour roadtrip from Munich to Vienna, Austria to attend my cousin’s wedding. However, this was not your ordinary wedding, this was also the long awaited family reunion of my father’s side of the family. Aunts, uncles and cousins flew in from the USA, Canada and the UK to witness the Filipino-Austrian wedding of the year. My cousin and her groom looked absolutely happy, gorgeous and so in love with each other. From the bottom of my heart, I  wish them all the happiness and success. Also I love the fact that even though my family are scattered on every corner of the world (so it seems to me anyways) we all feel so happy and at home with each other. It was all about loud chats and laughter, selfies and pictures galore as it is typical of a big fat Filipino family reunion. And of course let us not forget the good food too! Oh how I love my family.

Whilst we were visiting Austria we also made sure to visit some of it’s famous landmarks and places. I am most especially happy that I was able to once again show and share my boys the beautiful city of Vienna. Whilst walking around the city centre childhood memories came flooding back. Funny how you appreciate and love a place even more after you’ve already left it and life’s destiny has taken you somewhere else….

Here are some of our few Viennese impressions. It is such an elegant and classy city:

Hallstatt, Austria – the absolute Austrian alpine paradise. This little town is not just beautiful but also so full of history that it is considered as a world heritage site by the UNESCO.


After a week of nostalgic, heart warming adventures with families and friends and being able to speak German again in the cities of my childhood and youth, we are once again homebound to good old Bristol, England.

Munich and Vienna you will always have special places in my heart. You will be missed. Auf Wiedersehen for now und bis Bald!



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Sunday best – dress up

I love fashion! I love how you can express your creativity and style in how you dress and present yourself. Plus it is super fun! Sometimes as a mum I feel that throughout the week I do not have enough chance, time or opportunity to put a nice outfit together and wear it without getting any stain on them. Yup! The joys of being a mummy! And I will not sugar coat the fact that there are days where I am an ultimate hot mess and actually feel like one of the “Walking dead” zombies! 😱 Scary right!? But that’s reality!

And so it is a massive treat for me when I get the chance to dress up and be girly on Sundays for church.

I am not good with selfies and pictures and oftentimes I just always end up looking awkward in them. 😲

However, I have decided to “Style my heart out” in this “Sunday best – dress up” blog post in which I am hoping to share with you my OOTDs on some Sundays (…where I look halfway at presentable!? 😅)




IMG_20170611_100028032Ha! Do forgive me but I just can’t pose. Looking at these pictures makes me laugh!

As the sun is shining down on Bristol today I decided to wear a plain white tee from H&M, nude tassel earrings from Topshop and a blue striped maxi skirt similar to a Mark D. Sikes skirt. I love the big ruffles of the skirt and how it’s so flowy! Definitely one of my summer favourites!

Happy Sunday everyone! 😘



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Empty rooms, full rooms, empty flat, full house…..

There’s something surreal standing in an empty living space of the flat that has been home for my little family these past three years. And although we are not the owners of the property, we made it our home and I found myself reminiscing countless of memories, experiences and plans that my boys and I have shared within the humble walls of our Downend, Bristol flat. For all those memories I am forever grateful.

Empty living room just moments before we handed back our keys to the landlord. And the garden that we absolutely loved, which we gladly shared with a family of foxes (with 4 cubs!), A big fat cat, 2 sets of magpie couple, squirrels and varieties of birds! It was Joseph’s mini zoo:


Joseph playing with his cousin Bella (picture taken 2 days before the move):

The “big move” happened over Friday and Saturday, in which we moved the majority of the packed boxes to the new house and on Saturday we were lucky enough  that two of our good friends, Chris’ dad and brother came to help to move all the furnitures etc…(so basically the heavy stuff) And then just after noon time it was all done. At first I thought it was going to be a major disaster as Thursday I came home from work with tonsillitis and was feverish throughout Friday and Saturday and also everytime I finished packing up, my little monkey would open a box and exclaim very loudly: “CAR!” or “DIGGER!” as if finding something precious in a treasure trove until the whole box was unpacked. There was no stopping him and he was quick! I wanted to rip my hair off my head but at the same time I was glad to see him happy and excited during the last few days in the flat he has known as home since he was born…And it was a classic comedic act between my son and me! 😥

As the house isn’t fully inhabitable yet due to mainly that the kitchen is yet to be installed Christopher’s mum offered that we stay with her for a week or two until the house is fully ready and functional for us and we gladly accepted her offer. It was such a huge relief that we would not have to worry about how and where we are going to prep and store food and also we have gained a bit more time to finalise the prepping of the new house.

Stacked boxes just before the big day:


These past few weeks prior to these events I have come to appreciate even more so the importance of families and good friends who with their good hearts just silently hold you up and give you tremendous strength in a way that you do not even realise.

I am especially touched by the support that Christopher’s father has been giving us and although his health is of fragile state he stood by his son, helping us prepare our home to be. He was there right from the beginning, knocking down / bricking up walls, clearing up rubble, plastering, etc…It was endearing and profound and I told Christopher that it is his dad’s “labour of love” for him. It was his perfect way of showing us how much he cares and loves us.

Yes, the property is still a work in progress and for those who were quick to judge and make remarks such as it was “ghettoey” or “we have moved into a ghetto”, it would have been best to have kept your arrogant heart silent as you have sadly failed to see what was behind the current rough façades and that most of the great things in life happen by starting small and staying humble (one of the main things my parent have thought me growing up)

This is a new start and it will be a good one, in fact we will make it a wonderful one! We, the Sewells will make our new house to a welcoming home, not only to fill it with love, joy and kindness but also ensuring that it’s free of arrogance, prejudice and false judgement.

……And of course staying true to “styling my heart out” 😉